Year Round Skincare for Dry skin

October 02, 2015


Yes, I have dry skin. It is flaky or itchy yet and this might be the case because of the skin care routine I follow on a regular basis. A more long term issue dry skin faces is that the wrinkles and fine lines tend to appear a lot ahead of their time. I have found myself spending a lot of money on products targeted for wrinkles and mature skin during my early 20s. And through trial and error, I have found that for my skin, nourishment is the key and not stronger mature skin products.

Sharing some of my most effective skincare products hoping it is useful to someone with similar skin condition as mine. These products work for me during every season.

I believe that skincare starts at nighttime. The effect of a good skincare can be exprience all day.

I clean my makeup with a wipe or a makeup remover first. If I have light makeup, I tend to use the face wash only. Non lather formula of Mario Badescu seaweed cleansing soap does not dry the face yet removes the makeup and leaves the face so clean. Twice a week, I use Clarisonic Plus with Mario Badescu and follow up with Freeman Charcoal and Black sugar mask. I do not use this mask as instructed. Instead, I use this as a face scrub. I massage my face with this scrub for no more than 4-5 minutes. Skin feels so soft and smooth right after this routine. I love that instant gratification my skin gets :).

Following up with a good moisturizer is very important at night. Perricone MD hypoallergenic nourishing moisturizer is my all year round hero. Even though my skin is dry, applying to thick moisturizer tends to break me out. Perricone formula seems to be perfect. The nights when I scrub my face with the sugar mask ( I mentioned above), I spray few spritz of c.Booth Honey Almond nourishing dry oil mist first then, apply moisturizer few min later.

In the morning, I always wash my face with  mario badescu seaweed cleansing soap very lightly. I do not use Clarisonic Plus in the morning.

I apply Perricone MD hypoallergenic nourishing moisturizer very very lightly on my skin; mostly focusing on dry areas ( cheeks and around the nose tend to be my dry areas). I then apply Mario Badescu oilfree moisturizer with SPF 30. My skin is now ready for all day.

I apply Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief face mask once a week. This mask is advertised as redness relief mask but I have found that it helps to eliminate dull skin and maintain the health of the skin without drying. I also love it that it doesn’t try to over moisturize my skin ( no breakouts).

Overall, I have seen my skin improve over time. Although my dryness still exists and I will have not seen any early fine lines on my skin. I am sure the day will come when I will have to start using stronger products to fight wrinkles and mature skin but till then, I believe in keeping my skin healthy and supple with these products and easy to keep-up routine.






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